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Investing and Creating your Property Portfolio can help you achieve financial freedom.

Purchasing a property to rent out is a popular long-term investment for many Australians.

But many property investors lack an overall strategy. Let us help you create a personalised plan which will provide you with all of the key elements for investing to help you achieve your portfolio objectives.

All property purchases should consider the costs and risks. Buying and managing your investment property can be costly so be sure to consider:

  • Tax & legal strategies such as negative gearing, capital gains, property expense deductions.
  • Buying property through a SMSF
  • Purchase costs like pest & building inspection reports, conveyancing & legal fees, stamp duty, loan establishment fees.
  • Ongoing costs like bank fees, mortgage loan insurance, building and landlord insurance, council & water rates, body corporate fees, land tax, property maintenance.
  • Expected rental returns and cash flow, property value declining due to market conditions, selecting good tenants
  • Costs incurred when a tenant moves out and finding a new one
  • Travel and accommodation expenses if you need to travel to inspect your property or oversee repairs and maintenance.

Where and what you buy affects your return on your investment.

  • Research recent sale prices to see what you can expect to pay
  • Look for areas where rents are high compared to the property value
  • Research the vacancy rates in the area
  • Find a property with features that will attract as many people as possible like a second bathroom or lock up garage
  • Make sure that the property has a wide appeal to more than one segment of the market i.e., singles, couples and families.

Before considering the purchase of your investment property, and before signing that contract, please come and discuss with us the best strategy for you. Be confident in making the decision to purchase your investment property and grow your portfolio to provide you with income for your retirement.

And once you have purchased that property, we can make sure that you are using best practice to record the costs associated with a property to ensure that your tax is minimised.

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