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We want our clients to be happy, whether you’ve got a basic personal tax return or you have a variety of investments and rental properties, we take the time to go through your return in detail and make sure there’s nothing missed and you get back the maximum refund that you are entitled to. Everyone loves a tax refund.

If you need your personal tax return to be completed, you want an Accounting Firm that are up to date with all the latest tax deduction rules to maximise your tax refund. We complete and lodge tax returns each year for clients in a vast array of industries.

If you work in Emergency Services, Medical, Building & Construction, Education, Legal, Business Services or Retail, we are the tax experts for you.

If you have a rental property, we will maximise all property deductions including depreciation. If you have shares and managed funds, year end tax statements can be very difficult to understand. We know exactly how to treat Capital Gains, Foreign income and Franking Credits.

Our friendly team is happy to explain, in plain English, anything you may not understand or want more detail on.

We offer a variety of ways to complete your personal tax return each year, whether you prefer the face to face meeting with one of our team, we offer early mornings and late evening appointments, sending your tax data via email or posting or we can even arrange a tax appointment via Skype – the choice is yours.

  • Basic Salary and Wage returns
  • Complex Individual Returns
  • Rental Properties
  • Sole Traders
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Capital Gains
  • Employee Share Schemes
  • Employment Termination Payments
  • Partnership and Trust Income allocation

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